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What to expect about chiropractic visits
- Generalized stiffness.
- Individuals concerned about posture despite no symptoms.

Acute Injuries (< 3 mths)
Chronic Injuries (> 3 mths)
- Ceasing treatment before full rehabilitation and recovery.
- Not participating in active care. (self stretching, exercising, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and rest, long hours of work and life commitments)
- No maintenance visits.
- Relapse possible as recovery is not always a linear process.
- Muscles strong with consistent rehab.
- Joints mobile and functioning well as supporting ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones and nerve supply recovered.
- Better posture and alignment after consistent adjustments.
- Pain/symptoms mostly resolved.
- Maintenance visits
1-2 visits per week
1 visit per week
1-2 visits per month
- Improving mobility.
- Pain/symptoms frequency and intensity improving for minor sprains/strains.
- May still feel symptoms if cartilage (vertebral discs), ligaments, tendons, bones, or nerve injuries.

- Individuals seeking to better exercise/sports performance could benefit from treatments.
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