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About Touch Health
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Association of Chiropractic Malaysia member

At Touch Health, we envision to be your go to manual therapy provider, as we are here to assist you no matter your health goals. We can help with:

- Natural pain relief

- Alignment / Posture correction

- Exercise / Sports performance improvement

- Elderly Mobility/  Vitality/  Wellness

- Scoliosis Management

- General Health/ Wellness/ Vitality


Our goal is to empower and educate our patients towards a pain free lifestyle, restore mobility, enhance vitality, and ultimately improve body function and performance of every keen individual.

We endeavor to always provide a comprehensive and thorough approach to your health care, as well as deliver professional and courteous service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Touch Health Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Chiropractor


Services We Provide

Conditions we can help with

Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Chiropractor Touch Health
Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Chiropractor Touch Health
Spinal Pain
Hip/Knee/Ankle Pain
  • Hip joint stiffness/aches

  • Hip joint degeneration

  • Labral Injuries

  • Femoral Acetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAIS)

  • Knee joint stiffness/aches

  • Knee Ligament Injuries (Cruciate/Collateral Ligaments)

  • Knee Meniscus Injuries

  • Patella Tracking Dysfunction

  • Patella Tendinopathy

  • ITB Syndrome

  • Knee joint degeneration

  • Ankle joint stiffness/aches

  • Ankle joint sprain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Foot pronation/ Flat footed

Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Pain
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

  • Scapular Dyskinesis

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Tennis Elbow/ Lateral Epicondylitis

  • Golfer's Elbow/ Medial Epicondylitis

  • De Quervain's Synovitis

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

General Health Issues
  • Poor Sleep/Insomnia

  • Poor Balance/Recurrent falls

  • Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance

Postural Correction
  • Forward Head Posture

  • Rounded Shoulders

  • Kyphosis

  • Anterior/Posterior Pelvic Tilt

  • Upper/Lower Cross Syndrome

Sports/Exercise Performance
  • Recurrent muscular strains/ tendinopathies

  • Joint "clicking"/ "grinding"

  • Joint/Ligament laxity/ instability

  • Recurrent post sport/exercise pain or swelling

  • Overuse/ overtraining injuries

  • Exercise/Sport Plateau Effect

Sprain and Strain Injuries

  • Whiplash injuries

  • Spinal Facet Joints sprain

  • Acute Neck/Back spasms

  • Rotator cuff muscles strain

  • Knee/Ankle ligaments sprain

Elderly Care
  • Senile Kyphosis

  • Sarcopenia

  • Poor Balance

  • Generalized Joint stiffness

  • Osteopenia/ Osteoporosis


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Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Chiropractor Touch Health

03-7664 0988

018-918 2688

Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya Chiropractor Touch Health

S-02-23A Emporis Persiaran Surian
Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya
47810 Selangor Malaysia

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Opening Hours:



: 10am - 2pm, 3pm - 7.30pm
: 3pm - 7.30pm
: 10am - 2pm, 3pm - 7.30pm
: 3pm - 7.30pm
: 10am - 2pm, 3pm - 7.30pm
: 9am - 1pm

Sun & Public Holidays: Closed unless advised otherwise

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