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Text Neck = Low Back Pain

Updated: May 10, 2023

Forward neck posture could cause low back pain, importance of good spinal alignment.
Poor vs Good Spinal Alignment

Informative Post Link to article:

Do you know that your low back pain could be caused by your phone?

Many of us are guilty of spending too many hours with our mobile. Linked article points to possible correlation of lower back pain with forward head posture. (ear hole situated more forward than shoulders)

Summary text neck low back pain relationship: Forward head posture -> Increased mid back hunch and flattening of lower back curvature -> Tight and weak back muscles -> Low back pain, degenerative spine

Contact us if you would like to seek professional guidance on how to restore and maintain your spinal alignment.


北京大学人民医院研究终结 (头部姿势, 脊椎姿势和背部肌肉都有密切关联。

头部姿势越向前,脊椎越容易后凸,而腰椎曲度也因此逐渐变值, 导致背部肌肉退化,易劳累,紧绷以及酸痛,也因此长期而磨损。

若想趁早对脊椎姿势做出改善,寻求专业脊椎矫正师判诊, 可以联系我们! Whatsapp +6018-9182688.

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