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Cervical Radiculopathy

Informative Post : Cervical Radiculopathy

Condition whereby exiting nerve root from the spine is irritated, either by mechanical compression of the nerve by bulging discs, bone spurs and/or a local increase in inflammatory chemicals due to leakage of disc materials.

Inflammation of nerves can cause severe neck and radiating arm pain with or without numbness/tingling sensations down arm and fingers.

Cause of condition varies (acute disk herniations, cervical spondylosis, foraminal narrowing) and there are other diagnosis that can present with similar symptoms. Hence always advisable to get proper assessment by a qualified health professional.

Most mild- moderate cases improve over period of 8-12 weeks, with healing by resorption of leaked materials, fibrosis of injured disc and nerve repair. Severe cases may need surgical intervention to prevent permanent nerve damage or spinal cord injuries.

Treatment goals aim to speed up recovery by improving spine mobility and alignment to reduce disc pressure and improve circulation, as well as exercises to reconditioned weakened neck and trunk muscles to prevent reoccurrence and/or further degenerative changes.

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病症的起因有好几种.(急性椎间盘突出症、颈椎病、椎间孔狭窄) 还有其它诊断可能会出现类似的症状, 因此建议由合格的专业人士进行适当的判诊.

大多数轻度至中度病例会在 8-12 周内好转. 严重的病例可能需要手术以防止永久性神经损伤或脊髓损伤.


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