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The Rise of Esports in Malaysia

Sports specific post - Esports

Like many other countries, Esports participation in Malaysia is ever rising. According to a 2021 report by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) , Malaysia is the 3rd largest game market in SEA in 2020 with a game market of US$786 million. (7)

Malaysia is also home to many well renowned Esports players and personalities, who individually and collectively have achieved much to be proud of. Of note is the recent achievement by Malaysian Esports players in the Commonwealth Esports Championships held in Birmingham, England during August 2022. Team Malaysia clinched 3 gold medals to top the medal table.

The Esports industry's rapid growth calls for greater attention into the health and well-being of both players and viewers alike.

Esports players frequently suffer from overuse injuries and musculoskeletal pain in the neck, back, shoulder, hand, and wrist. (1)

At Touch Health, we may be noob Esports players, but we can definitely help support your body as you grind away to Esports excellence. Come see us if you suffer from any Esports related injuries!


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