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Common Injuries in Badminton

Updated: May 16, 2023

Sports specific post - Badminton

Badminton is a sport of immense popularity in Malaysia.

It is physically challenging, and demands complex movements with constant postural variations in the form of lunges, reaches, retrievals and jumps. (1)

Research indicates high incidence of overuse injuries. (3x more common than trauma!) (1)

Common places of badminton injuries are knee ( patellar tendinopathies, ACL injuries), ankle (inversion sprains, Achilles tendinopathies), shoulder (impingement syndromes), elbow (lateral/medial epicondylitis) and lower back (facet joint sprains, muscle strains). (2)

Spine and core stability is essential to the control of movements of the trunk and limbs. (2)

Consult us if you would like to know more about how you could better manage or prevent injuries whilst playing the sport you love!


然而,此运动对身体可造成巨大的压力。运动员在场地上不停的进行脚步移动、跳跃,要运用各种击球技术和步伐将球在场上往返对击,从而易导致肌肉和关节的损伤. (1)

研究结果显示,羽毛球爱好者的损伤部位主要集中在膝盖,脚踝, 肩膀,手肘, 和腰部. (2)

脊椎与核心的稳定性可以增进手脚运用的灵活度,因此帮助减少受伤的几率. (2)

不管您是业余羽毛球爱好者, 或是专业球员, Touch Health脊椎调整与物理疗法中心可以为您提供专业的判诊与治疗。有兴趣者请联系 Whatsapp +6018-9182688.

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